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1) You understand that nothing is automated on 3Steppers. It is all personal touch, and for that reason, Jose Garriga Jr *must be* at the top of your CTFO sponsorship line, to have permission for you and your CTFO team to use 3Steppers. Call CTFO at 707-449-4567 and ask if unsure.

2) You understand that 3Steppers.com is for residents of USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Sweden and their territories only, and that accounts originating from any other country will be removed without notice. We are limited to countries where our main home business opportunity products can be sold. We are truly sorry for this inconvenience.

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3) You understand our Privacy Policy. We DO NOT share your email address or personal information with anyone except your 3Steppers direct referrer and your personal referrals. We will not sell it, rent it out or distribute it in any other way. We do however reserve the right to correspond with you, and your direct referrer may add you to their personal contact or email list.

4) You understand and acknowledge that membership is completely free, and that any expense that you may incurr comes from a) you voluntarily choosing to purchase products, and b) choosing to pay for promotion of your link to grow your network. 3Steppers and the Free MLM Business have no costs associated with participation or to keep your account active.

5) You understand that sending out unsolicited email mentioning 3Steppers.com will terminate your account immediately.

6) You understand that these terms may change at anytime without notice.

7) Finally, you agree to have fun building your CTFO home based business!

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