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Focus on referring free members. Everytime anyone you've referred makes a purchase, you get paid on a residual basis. It's that simple!

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Get your free personalized websites.


You can refer as many people as you want, there is no limit, and you receive full commissions on any purchase any of them make, including subsequent orders. There is no purchase obligation to earn this, nothing to buy ever on your part, and your home business never expires.


To get set up, you have to join two programs. The financial freedom vehicle, and the team support and training system. First, join ChewTheFatOff here. CTFO is where your residual income comes from. Then second, join 3Steppers here. This is where this page will be replicated for you. It will help guide your referrals.


3Steppers.com FREE MLM Business Opportunity Builder


Promote your website links.


Now you have your corporate CTFO opportunity link:



and your 3Steppers CTFO link:



PLEASE NOTE: Add your CTFO ID inside the 3Steppers members area for the links on this page to reflect your accounts.


This is about getting your team growing fast, right from the start, to create viral growth momentum. A couple of options here... If you have a way of sharing your link, either by email, text, or social media, do it. If you are computer savvy, and have knowledge and confidence using Internet Marketing resources, get to promoting now. Don't wait. If you have no experience with Internet Marketing, then CTFO Clicks promotional packages are your best option. Even if you are good with Internet Marketing, put some clicks to work for you and supplement your current promotional efforts. CTFO Clicks are affordable and proven effective.


After you join ChewTheFatOff, to see the packages click here and log in. Under Autoship/Orders, click on Place Order Now. That is the ChewTheFatOff Store. There you will see all of the CTFO Click packages, combo product and click packages, and all of the CTFO product line.


3Steppers.com FREE MLM Business Opportunity Builder


Personally welcome your new team members!


This is the step that will make the biggest difference of all. This is your business, so treat it like one. You should be contacting them and building rapport and sharing what it is that excites you about the ChewTheFatOff Home Business Opportunity.


Take it a step further... get out of your comfort zone, pick up the phone and call your referrals. They are joining because you referred them. Share your excitement about the products, share with them that they came from a CTFO clicks package. Share something you really, really, like about the biz. There is no way this will work for you if you just refer, and then don't communicate with customers/associates. That is true for all businesses in every industry. Customer contact is crucial for long-term success.



In the 3Steppers members area we help you with marketing and follow up!


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