Make Money Mailing Postcards

Want a fast-growing, viral, referral network?

Commitment is the first step toward creating a real, reliable, residual income with this proven, effective, free home business opportunity and postcard marketing system.

This postcard referral system is very easy to do. You just have to decide to do it, then commit to following through. When you make the decision to join 3Steppers, and set up your personalized postcards, do it with the commitment of referring 100 free members into your home business. I did this in five weeks, fast forward now four months later, 382 personals, 1800 team-wide, and consistent weekly pay every Wednesday, like clockwork from promoting a 100% free home business opportunity.

Commissions come from non-obligated purchases of an utterly amazing consumable product that people love, and has a surprisingly high reorder rate. When you make a referral, that person is part of your customer network, and they have the option to build their own customer network if they choose. Any purchases they make, you will be paid for each one, every time, and you do not have to make any personal purchase anytime to receive your pay. There is no limit on how many people you can refer.

Something you must undertand:

Income always follows growth.

Begin you path to your first 100 referrals with abandon. Once you begin consistently referring, exciting, fun, magical things start to happen in your home business. Don't be easily discouraged. Don't judge who is making purchases, or when someone says they will, then don't, or whatever. Keep your focus on referring. I enrolled 47 people before making a sale. It was not the 47th person that joined, it was the 16th person that joined two weeks before, then I had 3 orders total that 3rd week. It was exciting! The very first person I sponsored, my very first promotion, on the very first day, made a product purchase four months later, and also enrolled two people. Be patient...

As long as your network is growing on a daily basis, the income will follow.

With all of the options, distractions really, a prospect has thanks to the Internet, success in creating an ongoing residual income from a home-based business comes down to three things:

1. A free business, with no monthly fees to keep open, and products people actually want that are not available anywhere else.
2. A duplication system that makes participation easy - Anyone can mail a postcard and/or share a link!
3. A team training system to help you experience momentum and viral network growth.

Postcard Marketing System Setup

In less than 15 minutes, you can have a master postcard template, tied to your personal website, ready to take to your local printer.... at no cost to you!

First thing's first...

To put this system into action, you need to get both your ChewTheFatOff free home business ID, and your 3Steppers referral builder ID. The home business is where your income will come from. The referral builder will create a wave of viral growth, or, momentum. You can build your referral network 100% free, and see growth and product orders in real time. Get full details and open your free account from the banner below:

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3Steppers will train and guide your team as well as provide the tools and services which will propel your network into hyperactive viral growth. A powerful downline builder with everything from mailing postcards -template available in members area, to online marketing, as well as ongoing live weekly training.

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Free Home Business Downline Builder

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