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Premier Customer program overview:

Better Planet Paper presented by 3Steppers Downline Builder

Premier Customers save hundreds of dollars each year!

Subscription is fully adjustable at any time. See chart below. Simple pricing of $36 per pack. The larger the family or business, the more frequent the order is sent. From every four weeks, to every nine weeks. Premier Customers earn discounts and free paper products, up to $1000 worth yearly, for referring other customers.

Better Planet Paper presented by 3Steppers Downline Builder

Co-op Rewards Membership overview:

Better Planet Paper Co-op Membership Card

  1. Place one order, and join the Co-op. $50 annual fee. Liken it to a credit card rewards program with an anuual fee to be a cardholder, and participate in dividends.
  2. Refer two other co-op members to activate rewards. This will easily happen from your pool of customers.
  3. Refer, and maintain three active Preferred Customers. Yours is free at this point. Refer more to always have three active at any given time. Co-op members come from here.
  4. Duplicate for four referral generations. As you keep referring and lead by example, this will happen pretty much on its own with support from home office and your upline.

Better Planet Paper Referral Rewards

Co-op members can earn $1000s monthly in cash bonuses and benefits!

Free paper products, $400 cash, and 280 trees planted every time. As outlined above, referral level 1) you referred three, your paper is free, and 6 trees planted. Referral level 2) those 3 refer 3, total team of 9, your paper is free and you get a $50 gift card. 18 trees planted. Referral level 3) they refer 3 more each, total team of 27, your paper products are free, you receive $100 in cash, and 54 trees planted. Referral level 4) those refer 3 each, total team of 81, your paper is free, you receive $300 in cash. 162 trees planted.

Total of 240 trees planted, and $400 in cash each time the above referral structure falls into place. Want to earn more? Want to plant more trees? Then refer more people. The above example is what is earned as your referral network matures over time. You will earn as you go, and if you want more rewards, keep promoting your BetterPlanetPaper links and get more referrals.

Simply keep referring, and the above will become a reality as if by osmosis!

Better Planet Paper is Launching Soon!

Opens January 1st 2018!

Orders cannot be placed until company launch January 1st, 2018. Right now, the company is allowing us to pre-build our team, and they will honor downline integrity as soon as order processing begins. We truly are at the right place, and at the right time with BetterPlanetPaper.

No cost to enroll, get an ID, and begin growing your customer network!

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