Six-Figure Earning Vice Presidents CTFO Pay Plan Chart PDF and Executive Managers at your service:

Mark Croteau

Mark Croteau

Cynthia Trethewey

Cynthia Trethewey

Tim Kepler

Tim Kepler

Achieving Vice President leadership rank and pay status

The three general ways CTFO pays team builders are roughly 1/3 Unilevel, 1/3 Forced Matrix, and 1/3 Infinity pay.

When you reach Vice President, you unlock all 3. Before VP, Executive Managers and below earn from Unilevel and Matrix only.
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    Before we get started, here are the links that explain CTFO compensation in full detail:

    (hold down CTRL key when clicking links to open in new tab)

    The first goal to reach in your quest to build a solid residual income from home, is Vice President. It is the orange lines on the pay plan chart.

    Qualifying is a rolling 4-week period (28 days, rounded to 30).

    When your total sales the previous 4 weeks amount to $25000, you will be a qualified VP. The rolling qualification looks like this.

    Example of qualifying VP with $25000 in total sales... The My Group Sales page is being reprogrammed as it was causing the CTFO backoffice to freeze up. To estimate gross sales, look under Commissions > Group Volume Report, and multiply that number X 2. That is the rough gross sales estimates used to calculate total gross sales below.

    Current week, up to: $2000 Current week rolls in, back to EM rank, and needs to earn $3000 more, as pay period progresses, to match week (4) below.
    last week (1): $7500 Here down, closed pay period qualified Vice President with $25000 total, previous 4 weeks.
    2 weeks ago (2): $7500 Total Sales
    3 weeks ago (3): $5000 Total Sales
    4 weeks ago (4): $5000 Current week volume above *replaces* this volume here because this week "rolls away" into the past.

    Glancing at the pay plan chart above, a quick definition of Leadership Ranks are:

    Vice President: $25,000 in total sales volume in previous 30 days.
    Senior VP: $50,000 total sales.
    Executive VP: $100,000 total sales.

    Presidential Director,: 3 EVPs on your team in separate legs.
    Senior PD: 3 PDs on separate legs.
    Executive PD: 3 SPDs on separate legs.

    Top Gun: 3 EPDs on your team in separate legs. Personally enrolled or not doesn't matter!
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